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Baba’s Key Teachings

  •   Oneness of God.
  •   Equality and tolerance of all religions.
  • Love and respect for each other and compassion towards the downtrodden and animals.
  • He believed that mere reading of spiritual books was not enough, converting this knowledge to real spiritual change was essential i.e. improving oneself.
  • He emphasized forgiveness as a virtue and assertiveness in the pursuit of truth (the righteous path) rather than aggression.
  • Devotion to Guru as the spiritual path leading to liberation from the cycle of birth-death-rebirth.
  • His path of devotion emphasized Faith and Patience.
  • He did not believe in any major religious rituals, all he wanted was love and devotion from his devotees – they should remember him always.
  • He did not like devotees consuming alcohol at all; he was a non-vegetarian himself.
  • He believed and followed “different strokes for different folks”, for example, the life of an ascetic was required for some while for others the life of a house-holder would suffice. For some vegetarianism is essential while for others it may not be required.


About Us

This site was built to provide and share information about the life and teachings of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, to devotees all across the world and to further provide an interactive way for devotees to share their experience with others worldwide.